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QUESTION:  How does the Premere ICF system compare to a wood framed home?



Building a concrete home with the Premere ICF system saves energy and money. The greater insulation, tighter construction, and temperature-moderating mass of the walls conserve heating and cooling energy much better than conventional wood-frame walls. This reduces monthly fuel bills. It also allows use of smaller heating nad cooling euqipment, saving money in construction. Houses built with Premere ICF exterior walls require 44% less energy to heat and 32% less energy to cool than comparable frames houses.


QUESTION:  What advantages will builders experience with the Premere ICF system?



1. The Premere ICF system may be set in a vertical or horizontal position, depending on application needs. Click here for illustrations.

2. The highly visible Premere PVC rail offers an easily accessible attach point for exterior siding and drywall applications. Click here for illustrations.

3. The Premere ICF system offers the lowest profile cross-tie, which means no concrete hang-up or voids (hollow spots) within the wall cavity. Premere offers the ability to pour faster, set quicker and use larger aggregate, resulting in reduced concrete/pumping costs and less labor. Click here for illustrations.

4. All of the Premere ICF components are boxed and palletized for ease of transportation, storage and job-site handling. Foam may be purchased from a local foam supplier, no need to ship light, bulky foam material across country.

5. The Premere ICF system supports almost any custom design, including: radius walls, numerous window openings, oversized window or door openings, wall width reduction and more. Click here for illustrations.

6. Ledger boards are easily incorporated into the Premere ICF system, simply replace a section of the foam with a standard ledger board. Click here for illustrations.

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QUESTION:  How does the homeowner benefit?



COMFORT. Houses built with Premere ICF walls have amuch more even temperature throughout the day and night. THey have virtually no "cold spots", and sharply fewer drafts.

SOLIDITY. The rigidity of concrete construction reduces the flex in floors and cuts shifting and vibration from the force of the wind or the slamming of a door. Concrete houses surivive winds like hurricanes and tornadoes far better than wood homes. And when properly reinforced, they should also withstand earthquakes well.

QUIETNESS. About one-sixth as much sound gets through a Premere ICF wall compared with an ordinary frame wall. This sharply cuts the intrusion of noise from outside.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY. The superior insulation, air tightness, and mass of the walls cut the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling by 30-40%. This can save $200-300 per year in a typical home. In addition, it allows the installation of smaller heating and cooling equipment. That can reduce the initial cost of a house by over a thousand dollars.

DESIGN FLEXIBILITY. Premere ICF houses can be completed with almost any interior and exterior finishes and can take any shape as easily as wood frame.